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The Totally Do This List

The Totally Do This List

Don't put your child in a jacket in the car seat. Don't give them honey before one. Don't let your baby cry it out. Don't have a drink when pregnant. Don't let your child eat that. Don't nurse your little one to sleep. Don't forget sunscreen, all the time except not before 6 months. Don't, don't, don't. Sometimes, it seems that the chorus of fear is SO loud and don'ts just abound. These warnings are typically followed by some horror story experienced by their brother's sister cousin. I understand that people are well meaning but for today, I'd like to hear all about the totally do this things. So let's talk about that. 


The Totally Do This List (if it's your jam)

Be playful: Make sure you get on the floor and get dirty. Amuse yourself for hours with silly games.

Laugh: Totally laugh, especially when sh** gets real. Find the funny, seek the humor and delight in it. I'll bet your little ones will too!

Make mistakes and make 'em count: Jump big and be ok with falling flat. Make it a whooper. Let your children see you trying new things and learning. Share your fear and joy with overcoming it. Model for them that failure happens to everybody but you have a choice in how you respond. 

Love yourself: children are always listening and mimicking our behavior. Love yourself, flaws and all, and your children will do the same. 

Treat others kindly: Be kinder than necessary and always say please and thank you. 

Explore: Travel the world, if you can, but always explore your own backyard. Every day can be an adventure with the right approach. By channeling an adventurous spirit, a trip to the grocery store is just as exciting as a horse back ride through the Rockies.

Offer gratitude: Say thank you for everything and let your children know how you appreciate everything. Gratitude attracts abundance.The only mantra you really ever need is THANK YOU.

Celebrate the small things: a solid nap, a nice walk in the cooler weather, a semi-healthy meal or the ability to actually finish reading a book to your babe before she eats it. All reasons to celebrate!

Be passionate: have hobbies and interests that you cna pursue as often as possible. Share this love with your kids. It will make the whole family more interesting and interested in life. 


What's on your "Totally Do This List"?






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